Japanese TV and ants

I saw something on TV last night, and I feel the need to report it to the world!

As I've already told you, my host family enjoys watching TV when eating, and last night during supper, I was one again amazed at just how absurd Japanese television programs can get. This time there were five or six (grown-up) men in tight, colorful ant-costumes (one green, one yellow, one blue, one pink, one red.). The room was green, and in the background there were flowers as tall as the men. In front of them was a green math, about 10 meters long, with a white square at the end. The math was covered in something that looked like oil, though it could have been just water. The disturbing ant-men conferred for a while, until one of them seemed to volunteer. He ran down to the end of the math, and threw himself down on his belly, sliding the ten meters towards the white square, hoping to have gained enough speed to reach out and touch it. He made it, but the next ant had to do the same thing, only this time it was 15 meters. Next time it was 17? I think they got to 27 meters before I left. Some of those games seem to go on for ages.

But that was not the strangest part. It was the punishments that really made me raise my eyebrows. Two ladies in purple caterpillar costumes were responsible for handing out the punishments if the ants didn?t reach the white square. One caterpillar would hold him down and cover his mouth with her hand, and the other would chew garlic, natto (basically rotten beans ? popular food here in Japan), or something similar, and then breathe into a plastic tube leading to the poor mans nose. The two caterpillars did all this with a constant, evil grin which erupted into a mad laughter when one of them took a bite of the smelly food.

Maybe it?s because I come from a small, Norwegian town... Maybe there are plenty of people out there who are used to this kind of television. Come to think of it, it?s really not more absurd than The Bachelor. But then again, I find that program both unsympathetic and absurd. Maybe I?ve just miraculously gotten turned off television as a concept.

Yesterday, we visited my school for the first time. It?s huge, but I like the atmosphere. All the teachers I met seemed friendly, and not as uptight as I has imagined. They joked and laughed, and one of the teachers was American, so for the first time in two weeks I could talk to someone without thinking about speaking slowly. School starts April 7th, and I?ll try to report as much as I can.

Hugs from
Liv Sofie

P.S. It's good to hear that you appreciate me writing in English, but don't get too used to it, because I'll probably alternate. My next entry will (most likely) be in Norwegian. ^.^ I can write more freely (and faster) in my native language.

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03.apr.2009 kl.13:21

Hello Liv,
glad to hear that you are alright. I was getting a little worried (understatement of the week), maybe I am obsessed or worse, like, in love or so? As I've stated before, I can understand Norwegian, too, if I use the automatic translation on my computer. I wish you all the best at school, it's gonna be great fun, I'm sure of that. School is always fun ;-).


PS: Anata ga suki desu. :-D


03.apr.2009 kl.21:53

Hahahahahahahahahah! LHPE! (Ler Hyt P Ekte, fnis) Jeg elsket "straffen"! Hahahaha! Men jeg tror jeg hadde blitt for flau til se p det over en lengre periode xD Fantastisk! Ikke akkurat Hotel Csar :)

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