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I'm sorry you had to wait for a week before this update. The only reason for that is the time limit on the computer. So, why am I writing in English this time? No, I haven?t forgot how to write in Norwegian (yet), but I suddenly realized that a couple of non-Norwegian friends might have an easier time reading English. Of course, google-translation is a solution, but, as my Japanese HF demonstrated for us (see last entry), it?s not necessarily a very good solution. If there are any Norwegians who for some reason don?t understand my English, feel free to google-translate it.Right now, it?s 14:07 in Zama, and お父さん (otousan = father) is at work, while お母さん (okaasan = mother), and Saya is watching anime. I was a little surprised to see that even お母さんis entertained by anime, but she is such a cheerful person, and I guess anime is more common entertainment in Japan, and not necessarily ?children?s entertainment?.I have some bad news, though. My camera must have some kind of software installed before I can transfer the pictures to the computer. I was thinking of downloading it (thanks, Henning!), but the computer is so slow, and I think they?re very scared of viruses in this family. Also, I was thinking of paying a photo store to help me in some way, but then I realized I can just use my cell phone. お父さん is taking me cell phone-shopping next weekend. In the meanwhile, you?ll just have to picture everything, I guess, but I dare to say there?s nothing wrong with most of you guys? imagination.The cherry blossom festival had started, and next weekend, my HF are taking me hanami (flower watching). It?s probably unnecessary to say that the cherry blossoms are beautiful, but I?ll say it just to annoy you all. The weather is nice too. Dry, sunny, maybe 15-17 degrees today? I?m just guessing now, I haven?t found the thermometer yet. But I found a nearby park (quite large, actually) when walking the dogs on Saturday. The dog who lives inside the house is kind of strange. His name is Raito, and he?s constantly nervous. When we?re out walking, he wants to walk as close to お父さん as possible, and he?s scared to death whenever we loose him and the other dog (Raimu) of sight for a second.
Not my picture... I'll probably get sued any day now.

お父さん has a hard life, as some of you?ve already heard. He gets up 06:00 in the mornings and comes home 21:00-22:00. Maybe I?ve already covered my HF ? I don?t remember. Anyways, they took me out for dinner on Saturday, to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. (Hoeres ikke det fantastisk ut, Tom?)I just noticed that most of what I?ve written in English so far, is stuff that my particular non-Norwegian friend already knows. But hey, maybe some other co-gaijin will read this one day? Before I go, I want to say something about Japanese sweets. They are really sweet! And evil. They make you think they?re chocolate, but *bam* bean pastry! You heard me, b e a n pastry. Or sometimes rice pastry? And the worst part is, I kind of like it. But it?s really sweet, and all the snacks is often wrapped in individual papers as well as the main bag(?) they come in. I think that?s the secret of the Japanese waists: they can?t really eat more than a few, and they can always keep count. So far I?ve lost a little weight. This might go in reverse when I least expect it, but I hope it?ll stop soon, or I?ll probably be dead before the first of May. And I hate it when that happens. :P

This isa typical "okashi" (=sweet(s)), and it actually has a sakura matsuri (cherry blossom festival) theme... It's pink, for one. I don't know whether it actually tastes of cherry blossom, because to me it was just a random sweet taste, but the leaf wrapped around it is from a cherry tree, I think, and is quite salty. Believe it or not, I found it delicios (but when have I ever found sweets disgusting?)

That was my update for today. Let?s hope it won?t take too long before I get to update my blog again.^.^Hugs and kisses,Liv Sofie

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30.mar.2009 kl.10:32

Yeah, finally a new blog entry. I am so looking forward for your impressions. Enjoy every second over there and tell us about it!



03.apr.2009 kl.06:00

Hey, Thanks for writing a english blog because I can't nor and when i translate it it usually doesn't make much sense to me. Like the translation will all over the place, anyways nice blog. I really like reading AFS Exchange Students to japan because I applied for 2010 to 2011 exchange to Japan.

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